Hello, my name is Caci.

I’m Caci and welcome to the natural brunette! I’m a twenty something, budget-friendly, fashionista who has a passion for following trends but I also LOVE a really good sale. I’m always on the hunt for the greatest deals that correspond with what’s trending at the moment, and I can’t wait to share them all with you!

I was born and raised in Massachusetts and from as early as I can remember I’ve always considered myself to have a unique outlook on fashion. My favorite kind of fashion is anything that is trending at the moment; I’m SO fascinated by trends and the never ending cycle of “what’s next” or “what’s back”. There are endless possibilities to any trend and I jump at any chance to put my own personal spin on it. I get a lot of my inspiration from celebrities and other fashion influencers and vloggers. But at the end of the day, I believe style should most importantly reflect who YOU are as a person.

So often I feel like I’m mustering through fashion blogs that are filled with incredibly trendy outfits but ones that aren’t always practical for everyday life. Trust me, I love looking at gorgeously put together outfits paired with luxurious designer bags as much as the next girl, but this can sometimes be a challenge when trying to translate that into your own life and style (especially if your spending money is tight). This brings me to my inspiration for creating this blog; I want to display the latest trends in fashion/life but in a way that is both practical and natural for everyone. A little can go a really long way especially with your own creativity, and that has ALWAYS been my motto when it comes to fashion!

I hope you like what you see and if you do, feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!