Welcome to The Natural Brunette!

Caci Cosenzi

Hi everyone, I’m Caci, the blogger, and creator of The Natural Brunette!

My hopes for this blog is to share different pieces and outfit ideas that incorporate some of latest trends in a very REAL and PRACTICAL way. I often find myself sifting through a number of fashion blogs that display incredibly trendy outfits but ones that I consider to be very luxurious in two ways, price and everyday practicality.

My motto when it comes to style has always been a little can go a long way, especially with some personal creativity.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to fashion which is both chaotic and amazing in itself, I hope by doing this that I can help all kinds of people find perfect pieces for their everyday life that are both trendy and something they can make their own.

Style is a great way to express yourself and I always encourage anyone to take risks, make it something that represents who you are, and just have fun with it (it’s really not supposed to be all that serious)!

I want everyone who follows this blog to take away a new, positive outlook on their individual style by showing just how empowering creating your own outfit can be. If you like what you see, please stay awhile cause there is always something new right around the corner!