Spring Break Essentials.

Spring Break Essentials

Yes it’s that time of year again..SPRING BREAK Y’ALL!! If your an anxious spring breaker gearing up for what could possibly be one of the best weeks of you life, then check out some of these trendy pieces (all under $40) and add them to your packing list ASAP!

1. Chaser Beach Por Favor Tee

2. Forever21 Pom Pom Tie-Dye Backpack

3. Urban Decay Cosmetics Beached Bronzer (special gift with purchase)

4. I’m A Mermaid iPhone Case

5. Sherry007 Womens Printed Bikini (only $14.99)

6.  Floats Flat Lens Sunglasses

7. Trefoil Cap by Adidas Originals

8. UO Faux Fur Pool Slide (personal favorite)