My Guide to Ripped Jeans.

My Guide to Ripped Jeans

Yes, as much as I hate to see it go, summer is slipping away right before our eyes. If you are like me and not quite ready to give up your summer wardrobe then you’re in luck, cause I’m here to explain my go-to way to merge my summer and fall wardrobe together. That go-to way is..ripped jeans!

You heard right, ripped jeans are my secret weapon when the weather gets unpredictable in-between seasons. But here’s the thing, we all know ripped jeans come in a lot of different fits, rises, washes, you name it! It can be overwhelming – so let me break down for you what I look for when I’m looking for the perfect pair of ripped jeans.

The fit is extremely important with ripped jeans; even more important I think that with regular jeans. The reason I believe this is because you want your jeans to fit your body perfectly. For instance, if you are looking for a longer and leaner look for your legs, then go for darker washes with a mid or high-rise ripped jean and one that incorporates vertical rips opposed to horizontal, like this or these (obsessed with this one’s hem). But, if you're looking to emphasize areas like butt, hips, and thighs than lighter washes with a lower rise, and horizontal rips is the right type for you, like this (very similar to my AE jeans that are seen in the picture above) or these.

Personally, I look for jeans that tend to have a lower rise like my American Eagle jeans that are pictured on me above. In terms of wash, I like both light and dark depending on the occasion. For everyday errands or if I’m going to class then I tend to lean towards more of a lighter wash. However, If I’m going out or on a date, I go for a dark wash or a pair of black ripped jeans just like these (Only $19.99).

My Guide to Ripped Jeans

Overall, the versatility of a pair of ripped jeans is endless and so are the possible outfit combinations. Whether you pair them with an oversized sweater or cardigan, or a comfy tank, or even a silk blouse they are sure to be your easy, go to whenever you aren’t quite sure what to wear! Making them an absolute essential for every wardrobe.

*All jeans in the “Essential Ripped Jeans Under $50” picture above are featured within the post.