Today was my last, first day of college and I can’t believe how fast my college experience has flown by! As sad as I am that it will be coming to an end soon, I’m excited for what my senior year has in store and what is to come in my post-grad life!

But let’s get to the good stuff, my outfit for the first day back! When I was picking out my outfit, I certainly had a lot of things in mind. Of course, I wanted to look cute and trendy, but what was most important to me was comfort. After all, I did spend most of my day walking outside around campus.

The top I wore was super comfy and extremely soft, but my favorite part is it’s bell sleeves. I think the bell sleeves are very cute and girly, they provided so much fun movement – I received many compliments from this and it’s a perfect transition piece from summer to fall!

Next, my jeans – I literally can’t get enough of these jeans!! The are super comfy and have a lot of stretch to them in all the right places! The rips on the knee are also such a trendy, subtle detail that really adds to the whole look. These jeans are perfect for a fun and casual outfit like this, but can also be easily dressed up with a pair of wedges and a nice blouse!

Ah, and then my pom pom sneakers! I think These really pulled everything together! The hot pink, pom pom really made my lavender/purple top pop in person, and the comfort from these sneakers did not disappoint either! The only tricky part with this I have to admit is the decision on wether or not to wear socks with them.  Today, I did because I knew I was going to be walking a lot. I chose the “no show” socks to wear with these, which can be a little irritating at time because they tend to slip off, but in the past, I have also gotten away with wearing small, white ankle socks with them as well. Overall, I’m always happy to rock these – they are such a fun, statement piece to any outfit!

And, last but certainly not least, my favorite backpack  I feel as if this backpack has carried me through college instead of the other way around! I can’t say enough good things about it, I’ve had it since my freshman year and you can barely tell that its over three years old! It has always fit everything I’ve needed to fit in it, and has also been an awesome carry-on for me when I’ve traveled in the past! I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!!

Well that’s all, folks! I hope you enjoyed reading about my back to school look and stay tuned for many more to come!!