Carbon Coco: Ultimate Carbon Kit

I was always fascinated by Carbon Coco's products when I saw them on IG and was so excited when the brand reached out to me to try one of their best selling kits! I received the Ultimate Carbon Kit and if you keep reading, you will get the full breakdown of the kit and find out what I thought!

The kit comes with a toothbrush, activated charcoal toothpaste, activated charcoal tooth polish, and a travel bag. The special formula with activated charcoal is proven to be gentle and effective in detoxifying the mouth and removing stains. It also has zero taste and smells to it! I look forward to seeing my results (takes 7-14 days) and will update this post with pictures when I do! 

Here are the instructions I followed for the kit:

Dip wet toothbrush in the jar (just lightly coat)

Brush in gentle circles for 2-3 min

 Rinse and brush with the toothpaste

Please use this before bedtime to give time for any residue to dislodge overnight. Results are usually seen in 7-14 days.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about these fun, new products. Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below!