How to Save Up for your Dream Handbag


As much as we like presents and gifts there truly is nothing like saving up for something you really want and then getting it! It show’s a lot of commitment and patience that makes the purchase well worth it, when the time comes. I encountered this first-hand when I began saving up for my first designer bag. Here’s what got me through it!


First, I looked online and picked out the exact bag that I wanted to purchase. If the bag you are searching for is available at more then one store, then I suggest you price compare. This way, you can ensure that your finding the best possible estimate price of the bag, that’s step ONE. Once you have a good idea on the price, you can begin to create a reachable goal of money that you will need to set aside to make this purchase (make sure to remember about sales tax).

Next, you can start planning for how you will reach your goal. The first thing I thought about when I began to plan was, how long am I willing to wait for this purchase? The answer to this question will directly impact how much money you will need to set aside each day, each week, or each month in order to save your goal. For instance, if you decided you needed to save $1,500 and were willing to wait 3 months, then you would need to set aside $125 a week in order to reach this goal. Make sure both the time and the amount is practical for your lifestyle which means you might need to cut down on Starbucks lattes, mani-pedis, and other superfluous activities that can really ad up (I promise you will make it through).  Even if it takes you a year, you will feel and be better off in the long run if you plan practically rather then under a scrutinized budget.

For me personally, I saved up for my Louis Vuitton SPEEDY BANDOULIÈRE 35 Bag for 6 months. I set aside about $50 a week and by the time it came to purchasing, I had ZERO stress or anxiety about it. In fact, besides the feeling of being excited, I also felt extremely proud. It’s an accomplishment no matter what the actual physical act is. Setting a personal goal and then finding a reasonable way to achieve it, is truly something worth celebrating! Delayed gratification at it's finest! 


Whether you have expensive taste or just want to treat yourself (which you should ALWAYS do once in awhile) purchasing a designer bag is a big commitment for anyone. Spending that kind of money on one item can cause a lot of anxiety, but if you prepare yourself then I assure you most of the pressure will be lifted off at the time of checkout. Remember just be smart about the process, be confident in your decision, and see it through. If this is something you really want, then I promise it will be SO worth it in the end!